Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I'm baaack!


Ptaqimh: Did she just say hello?

Noo! I said, "Allo!" But that's close enough!

Ptaqimh: Oh! I get it. You're referencing. Okay, why?

Well, I dunno. Because I can, I guess. Plus, I feel.....left out.

Ptaqimh: Whyyy?

Because I never have time to go to Comic Cons, and I really want to but because I can't, I just reference every that I can.

Ptaqimh: Oh. Is that why you're wearing a bowtie?

Yes. *Straightens Bowtie* Bowties are cool. And Fezs. *Adjusts Fez* And Stetsons. *Makes sure Stetson doesn't fall off Fez* And bunkbeds. *Flops onto bunkbed*

Ptaqimh: Uh, huh. So, are actually going to post about anything?

Well, no. I WAS going to do the history of lipstick...but when I asked people if I should, nobody commented. Which is kind of...depressing. BUT I'm going to keep blogging.

Ptaqimh: Why?


Ptaqimh: Why because?

Because I really like blogging!

Ptaqimh: Come to the non-blogger side!

No! ...why?

Ptaqimh: Because we have cookies.

Oh? Wait, what am I saying?! I like blogging!

Ptaqimh: *Waves cookie side to side* Come and get it!

*Sniffs cookie* What kind?

Ptaqimh: *Sings* Whiiite chocolate chiiiiiiip!

Ooooh. I DO like that kind. I like da cookie.

Ptaqimh: Come on! You said you like it. Come and get it! Come on!

Wait a minute! Hold on! *Rummages in cupboad* Ah HAH! See?! *Holds up white chocolate chip cookie* The advantage to having a husband that likes to bake!

Ptaqimh: Inconcievable!!!

Seriously, I really do LOVE this cookie.

Wonderful recipe and picture came from here.

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