Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I'm baaack!


Ptaqimh: Did she just say hello?

Noo! I said, "Allo!" But that's close enough!

Ptaqimh: Oh! I get it. You're referencing. Okay, why?

Well, I dunno. Because I can, I guess. Plus, I feel.....left out.

Ptaqimh: Whyyy?

Because I never have time to go to Comic Cons, and I really want to but because I can't, I just reference every that I can.

Ptaqimh: Oh. Is that why you're wearing a bowtie?

Yes. *Straightens Bowtie* Bowties are cool. And Fezs. *Adjusts Fez* And Stetsons. *Makes sure Stetson doesn't fall off Fez* And bunkbeds. *Flops onto bunkbed*

Ptaqimh: Uh, huh. So, are actually going to post about anything?

Well, no. I WAS going to do the history of lipstick...but when I asked people if I should, nobody commented. Which is kind of...depressing. BUT I'm going to keep blogging.

Ptaqimh: Why?


Ptaqimh: Why because?

Because I really like blogging!

Ptaqimh: Come to the non-blogger side!

No! ...why?

Ptaqimh: Because we have cookies.

Oh? Wait, what am I saying?! I like blogging!

Ptaqimh: *Waves cookie side to side* Come and get it!

*Sniffs cookie* What kind?

Ptaqimh: *Sings* Whiiite chocolate chiiiiiiip!

Ooooh. I DO like that kind. I like da cookie.

Ptaqimh: Come on! You said you like it. Come and get it! Come on!

Wait a minute! Hold on! *Rummages in cupboad* Ah HAH! See?! *Holds up white chocolate chip cookie* The advantage to having a husband that likes to bake!

Ptaqimh: Inconcievable!!!

Seriously, I really do LOVE this cookie.

Wonderful recipe and picture came from here.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Please be patient!

I can't think of what to say, but please be patient. Things are hard right now, and I won't be posting for a while. I'll try to be back soon, I promise. Please give me time. Thank you.


Thursday, July 4, 2013

{Insert sad face here}

I have so many things that I want to show you guys, but I can't. Does ANYBODY out there in the wide and wonderful cyberspace know why I can't upload my photos on to here? If you do please tell me how to fix it!

Hmm, guess I'd better write about something on here, huh? Ummm, let's talk about......lipstick.

Yup, that colored pasty stuff that you spread on your lips to make them look like a different color than they actually are. And the stuff that lets the whole world know that a woman kissed you. Also the stuff that might have gotten me kicked out of a store had anyone seen what I did. What you wanna know how? You evil little person, you.

I had just bought a cheap little 99 cent tube of lipstick, and was walking through Big Lots looking for a backpack for the new school year. My sister was with me and we were having a very heated discussion (Don't remember what it was about), and I was trying to prove a  point, so I was moving my arms a lot. I was only holding on to the lid of the lipstick, and as I mentioned, it was cheap. I twisted my wrist, and my sister and I watched in horror as the tube flew from the lid, across the aisle, bounced off a backpack, flew to the other side of the aisle, bounced off wall, then left a pink streak on the floor. I walked, over picked up the lipstick, tried to smudge the pink off the floor, and left, very embarassed.


So, anyway. Lipstick can be very useful.

Think about it, in Labyrinth, Sarah uses lipstick to remember where she was going by writing it on the floor (didn't work very well but she used it!).

"Ooh! Lipstick, preeeeeetty!"

And in Doctor Who* River Song uses lipstick twice! 

1. She uses hallucia...halucen...hallucen...Oh forget it. (Google, Google. Yeah, that's right, Google is a verb.) Hallucinogenic. Okay.


River Song uses it twice! 1. Hallucinogenic lipstick:

How'd they get this guy to wear it? Did they hand lipstick to a woman and say, "Here, put this on and kiss this guy. It's for a T.V. show."?
And then! And then, River uses it to ssik eht rotcod, neht llik mih!

Oops, automatic spoiler protector. Umm, if you haven't seen the episode Let's Kill Hitler, then don't read this part. I'll tell you when you can look again. :-D






And then River uses lipstick to kiss the Doctor, then kill him!

"River, you have a pimple on your nose."








'Kay, is safe now.

Then Amelia (I like the name Amelia more than Amy. Ameeeeeleeah.) uses it to write a message to the Doctor!

"Hey, if it works for Sarah, it'll work for me!"

Sooo, do you see? Lipstick can be very useful! Maybe the next post I'll write about how lipstick came to be. What do you guys think? And can you think of any other ways that lipstick has been used?

Have a great 4th of July!


*See? I told you that I would mention that!

The picture of the tube of lipstick came from here.

The picture of Sarah using the lipstick came from here.

The pictue of the poor victim of River's lipstick came from here.

The picture of revir gnissik eht roctod came from here.

The picture of Amy writing on the wall came from here.

The picture of fireworks came from here.

Saturday, June 29, 2013


Have any of you ever gone to bed, snuggled up, then laid there for hours?

Because that's what I did last night.

With a lot of generous rounding up, I got a whopping 5 1/2 hours of sleep. It's very safe to say that I've done nothing today. Besides cleaning the nailpolish off my nails. I also looked up funny stories about sleep deprived people. Seriously, you should look some up. People do weird things when they're tired.

 What, you want one of my stories? Fine. But just remember, I was barely awake, and I really am not this much of an idiot. Well, I am an idiot, but not in this way.

I had woken up, and remembered that Mum had been on my case about not getting up when my alarm goes off (Now might be a good time to mention that this happened when I was 13) so I got up right away, got dressed, fed my goldfish, got the dogs, and went downstairs. That was when I noticed that it was very dark. And empty. I walked around a bit
to try and find someone when I glanced at the clock. It said 2:30. AM. I suddenly felt quite stupid. I called the dogs, and brought them back up to my room, changed back into my pajamas, and went back to sleep. Albeit feeling very dumb.

(I know, this is sort of random, but Blogger is stupid, and is giving me a hard time about trying to fix it so it fits in. I'm also worried that if I make Blogger too mad, it will delete my post. Again.) When I can't sleep I also get a bad case of anxiety. It feels like someone stuck a stake into my stomach and is twisting and twisting. (Sorry for that graphic image. I think the brain bleach is on sale at Walgreens.) I call this feeling Tummy-Turmoil. I named it this from waiting to get on terrifying exciting rides at Disney World.

Another sleep...thing*... I get is I half-way wakeup, and feel that I can't breathe, my eyes won't open, and I can't move.(Sleep Paralysis I'm told it's called.) To make my body move, I concentrate on shaking my hands back and forth. Like you do when your shooing away a fly or something. When I do that, I can slowly move my arms, then feet, then I fully wake up. Must make a very interesting show for anyone watching, but it works dang-nabbit.

Oh, well. I just hope I can get to sleep tonight. Have a great weekend everyone!

*What would you call these things? The insomnia and sleep paralysis? Sleep quirks? Sleep antics?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Welcome To My Geekieness.

I think that if you follow my blog, then right off the bat you ought to know that..





I am a very geeky person and take it as a compliment if someone calls me so.

I'm not one of those die-hard, sit at home 24/7 contemplating time-travel, while eating crisps, but I do like to watch my shows, look at fan-art, and have little geeky toys (or action figures some would call them).

What truly made me realize that I was a geek was reading a website called I loooove Epbot. It's written by a woman named Jen, who ALWAYS makes me laugh. She goes to comic-cons (Memo to me: go to Dragon Con) does a LOT of crafts, loves going to Disney World, and also has monthly art contests. Some of you may have seen her other blog called Cake Wrecks. If you're a geek like me, then I HIGHLY reccomend that you go and  read Epbot.

If you're not a this.

So, what are some of your favorite geeky things? Mine range from Doctor Who:


Video Games:

Star Wars:

And a lot more geeky stuff.

 However, although I do like those things, I am mostly a Whovian (Likes loves Doctor Who.) So whenever I'm talking about geeky stuff, there will probably be Doctor Who thrown in there. There will be no spoilers and if I think that what I'm going to talk about has spoilers, I promise that I'll post a warning.

So welcome to my geeky world! I hope that you enjoy it!

Doctor Who picture came from here.

Mario picture came from here.

Portal picture came from here.

Fable picture came from here.

Star wars picture came from here.

Sunday, June 23, 2013


I live in the country, and we have a little farm. (Sounds like the start to a song.)

This can be very stressful if we're having a drought. We have been VERY blessed and had an early spring, and now we're having a very wet summer. All of our trees are FULL of fruit, and some of their branches are even touching the ground!

We have a mulberry tree next to our chicken coop, so it's always dropping berries on the ground. During the first few days, our chickens LOVE this. They'll stand all day under the tree waiting for the berries to fall. (Memo to me: avoid the purple splotches on the ground) But after a while, we notice less chickens, more berries. We throw them a couple but they look at the berry, look at us, look at the berry, then walk away. "You want me to eat THAT? Again? Are you serious?! No, thank you. Imma go eat bugs."

Because of the rain, and warm weather, our garden is now doing BEAUTIFULLY and since we  imprisoned  locked out the chickens from our garden we're actually getting veggies!

This is all in very much contrast to last year.

We did have an early spring, however just when our trees were all blossoming, there was a frost, then a drought. We survived, albeit very dissapointed. But we were lucky. Lemme 'splain.

 Most people think that a drought just means less water. But it's MUCH more than that.

A drought means that yes, there is less water, but that makes plants die, and when plants die that means that there's less food, and when there's less food for PEOPLE prices go up. When there's less food for ANIMALS, that means that people need to get rid of some, so they can feed the rest, prices for feed go up, which means they need to get rid of more.

Such as last year, prices for hay skyrocketed to almost $5.00 a bale. This is VERY expensive. We had to resort to feeding them hay cubes, which they DID NOT like. But we were once again lucky, some people couldn't even get hay cubes, so they had to use other things, which made some of their animals even die.

This also means that farmers lose crop, which mean that they lose money, which puts them and their family in a financial crisis.

This can also mean that people living on a well need to have water hauled in which = $$. Which puts them and THEIR family in a financial crisis.

I remember last year the lake that provided water for the city was 5 FEET below what the average height was for that time.

But  don't go thinking that there's no water to drink. We can/do get bottled water from the store, but it's very, very demoralising. Can you imagine not being able to drink your own water because it's getting too low?

So that my friends, is why droughts can be so damaging. Both financially, and emotionally.
Thanks for reading!

Cracked soil picture is from here. :-)

Mulberry picture is from here. :-)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I Hate Technology

Well okay, no. I don't hate it, it's just definetly not my friend right now. Probably never will be.

As you may remember, yesterday I was try despretely to show you my pictures. You may also remember that, that did not work out. So you may be thinking to yourself, "What did you do today to fix that, MaryAnne?"

Well, Person-That-Asks-Questions-In-My-Head, for a hour and a half, I was typing/crying/downloading/screaming/uploading/punching/restarting/cursing.

"And where did that get you?"

Well, Ptaqimh (is it okay if I call you that? Person-That-Asks-Questions-In-My-Head is kind of hard to write. Plus Ptaqimh sounds cool. (puh-TACK-im-uh)), that go me nowhere. Nada. Zilch.

So, the conculsion that I have arrived at is....

*48 seconds later*

This blog will only have pictures that I can get from the internet. Like this one:

Best picture I have ever seen. It expresses EXACTLY what I want to do right now. Except for 
the tie. And this is a tablet, not a laptop. And I'm a girl. And at home, not an office. Except for all that, this picture is perfect.

To end on a light note, I just ate a brownie.